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Compsognathus longipes by Alexanderlovegrove
Compsognathus longipes
Acrylic on paper.  A group of Compsognathus rest during the day under some ferns.  Number 6 in the Compsognathidae series - I've got 3 left to go!  I believe there's still some debate on whether all the Compsognathids are truly related, so maybe it's best to consider it the 'small coelurosaur' series :D
Tyrannosaur Fluff by amorousdino
Wow, this is really stunning! Since you asked for a critique I'll try to write a little more detail. The three dimensional shapes of the heads work really well, and I think the textures really help there. It really feels like their snouts are coming towards the viewer, and gives the painting a strong focus. The anatomy looks sound (nice to see the feathers!) and the poses you have chosen are well executed too. You could potentially have added a bit more detail or form to the foreground vegetation, but it doesn't really matter with the focus being on the two Albertosaurs.

The colours are nice and subtle too, although I think I would have gone for a blue shade for the sky, to contrast with the oranges and browns of the ground and vegetation. That might have also given the background a similar 'pop' that the dinosaurs have and help accentuate the 3-d feel. However, that might result in a different feel to the whole painting, so it's just my opinion really! Overall the ideas behind the piece and its execution are really good. Anyway, keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
May 19, 2015
:iconalexanderlovegrove:Alexanderlovegrove has changed their username (formerly alexandernevsky)
Aristosuchus pusillus by Alexanderlovegrove
Aristosuchus pusillus
Acrylic on paper.  The two main plants are Monanthesia and Cycadeoidea, and although they look like cycads, they are actually Bennettitales, an extinct group of plants.  The main difference is in the reproductive organs – cycads feature exterior cones, whereas Bennettitales had cones within the leaf scars on the trunk.  Early on these were considered to be the ancestors of modern flowering plants, although this idea has now fallen by the wayside.  Early reconstructions of Cycadeoidea featured flower-like structures on the trunk (they are also present in some modern reconstructions - easy to see if you google them), however, as far as I can tell, this is incorrect.  The reproductive cones would probably remain encased in the trunk of the tree until a fire swept through the ecosystem, killing the adult plant but releasing thousands, perhaps even millions, of seeds.  So the seedlings you see here are perhaps a little unrealistic, and groves of bennettaleans would perhaps all appear as similar aged plants until a fire swept through again and reset the succession.  You can see similar things in fire-dominated ecosystems today.  Wildfires were more prevalent in the Mesozoic era than they are now as a result of higher oxygen concentrations in the atmosphere.


In this depiction we have an ecosystem ripe for a fire, with plenty of dry litter debris built up.  Two Aristosuchus move through the scene, investigating the insect fauna.  Bennettitales may well have had a host of parasitic insects that burrowed into the trunk and cones – a potential food source for small dinosaurs, perhaps?

Reference for the plants:  
Watson, J & Alvin, K., 1996.  An English Wealden floral list , with comments on possible environmental indicators.  Cretaceous Research 17, 5-26.
Watson, J. & Lydon, S., 2004.  The bennettitalean trunk genera Cycadeoidea and Monanthesia in the Purbeck, Wealden and Lower Greensand of southern England: a reassessment. Cretaceous Research 25, 1-26. 

Mirischia asymmetrica by Alexanderlovegrove
Mirischia asymmetrica
Acrylic on paper.  A Mirischia sleeps during the day on a nest of ferns.  The plant you can see behind the dinosaur is Araripia florifera, a magnoliid angiosperm from a similar formation.  It's based on a modern magnolia, but with the leaves and flowers changed based on Mohr and Eklund's 2003 paper.  The ferns are based on modern Dennstaedtiaceae species, a family that was present in the mesozoic (Serbet and Rothwell, 2003) - although this scene is possibly a bit early for this type. 

Refs used:

Mohr, B. & Eklund, H.  Araripia florifera, a magnoliid angiosperm from the Lower Cretaceous Crato Formation (Brazil).  Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 126 (2003). 279-292.
Serbet & Rothwell.  Anatomically Preserved Ferns from the Late Cretaceous of Western North America. International journal of plant sciences 164 (2003).  1041-1051.
Naish, D., Martill D.M., & Frey, E.. Ecology, Systematics and Biogeographical Relationships of Dinosaurs, Including a New Theropod, from the Santana Formation (Albian, Early Cretaceous) of Brazil.  Historical Biology (2004). 1-14.


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